Thursday, April 26, 2007

Astro Forecast for the period 15th April to 14th May, 2007

I'm sorry for the delay in updating this site. It's just that I haven't been inspired enough to write lately and am also a bit busy. I'll just mention here the changes taking place in the celestial skies this month. The Sun is exalted in Aries this month. Venus is exalted in Taurus till 3rd May and then shifts to Gemini. Mercury travels from Aries to Taurus and Mars enters Pisces on 7th May. An important event which takes place this month is Saturn getting direct. And Jupiter turns retro.

So what does all this mean to you? :) I'll update individual Moon Signs when and If I find the time to do so. This is a good time for the World Stock Markets........time for some action. Summer will be scorching in hot parts of the world as far as the weather goes. Interpersonal relations will turn from highly emotional to reflective. Romance blooms for those looking for it. Work that was stuck up for the last couple of months will get moving. This is the time for Justice. Those who have been errant in the recent past, will now pay.............payback time. Time to reap the fruits of your Karma. Time for new beginnings.



tiku said...

for somebody who doesn't believe in god, how do you reconcile with the astrological mumbo jumbo?
just curious.

Superstar said...

Hi Tiku,

I was expecting this question. :)What does the movement of planets have to do with God? It is a misconception that Astrology has got anything to do with religion (or God).

It has been observed and recorded through ancient times that the movements of the celestial bodies have an effect on the inhabitants of planet Earth. Astrology is nothing but a study of those patterns and the effect these celestial bodies have on us. What has God got to do with it? It's only the pseudo-astrologers who would like you to believe that Astrology is somehow linked to "God".


ashish said...

hey navin ,
you havent been seen around on the superstar gems site of late ..... hard on research to help us poor retail investors ..... your vies on a value pick are hugely welcome

Superstar said...

Hi Ashish,

Thanks for your appreciation. My current favourite stocks are SRF Limited, Salona Cotspin (bse), FCS Software. I have been quite busy lately, that's why haven't been able to write on my sites much.

Take care & Cheers!