Thursday, July 19, 2007

When Saturn shifts, the Earth rumbles

The changing of the signs by the mighty Saturn is a big celestial event. This shift causes some major events to happen the world over. And as we have seen, there was a major earthquake measuring 6.8 on the richter scale in Japan on that day causing huge losses of lives and assets. And on Tuesday, a train carrying yellow phosphorus derailed in western Ukraine, releasing a cloud of toxic gas over 14 villages. Twenty people were hospitalised and hundreds evacuated on Tuesday. Closer home, in Pakistan, a bomb exploded in a rally which was to be addressed by the judge Iftikhar Chaudhary. Still closer, in Mumbai, a seven storied building came rumbling down yesterday trapping close to a hundred people as reported in the media. Brazil saw one of its worst aircrashes with close to 200 people dead in the ball of fire. More upheavels can be expected in the coming days. Even the stock markets are likely to see wild & explosive moves both ways.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Astro forecast for the period 15th July to 14th Aug, 2007

Note : This forecast is according to your Moon sign. You can also look up the sign in your ascendant.

Aries : Problems concerning home buying/home improvement get sorted out this month. If your mother had been sick, her health will improve. Financially, a mixed month where you'd need to be cautious with the decisions you make. You might get attracted to someone older than you romantically. Kids will be demanding.

Taurus : You are experiencing an extended period of marital bliss if you are married. The way is now clear for buying a new vehicle if you had been wanting to buy one. Success for businessmen and those deriving their income from intellectual fields. Take care in not to spend recklessly as expenses are going to be high.

Gemini : Income is good this month. You will be clear-headed this month while making important decisions. Your family and social circle will acknowledge your contribution in their life but take care not to get to haughty. Short trips are possible for either you or your siblings (specially younger ones).

Cancer : Sun moves into your sign this month adding a commanding aura to your personality. Take care not to be too authoritative with your spouse/partner. If you had been suffering from any health problems, you will now get a much needed relief. You will be quite active this month in whatever occupation you pursue.

Leo : If you had been travelling long-distances a lot during the last few months then you will come back home this month. It would be good for your overall well-being to take some rest now. Domestic peace of a high order can be experienced by you this month. Income is good as luck is favoring you now.

Virgo : Interactions with foreigners will keep you busy this month. You will spend on luxury items. Benefits from government and authority figures can be expected this month but expenses will also be high. Your younger brother will do extremely well this month. Drive carefully as minor accidents can happen if you are careless.

Libra : Money continues to flow in and you remain in a good mood. Spouse/partner will be more aggressive than usual this month, so handle them with tact. Stock Market players can make a killing this month if they are alert. Income will be good for people in other occupations too.

Scorpio : Your respect and influence is increasing day by day. Your enemies will either be annihilated or will have to go underground this month. Some major breakthrough in your career is possible now. Your luck is shining now as Sun enters your house of luck. Your social life will be scintillating. Chances of a budding romance.

Sagittarius : Chances of travel for either business or pleasure. You will remain generous and will spend for good causes. Spouse/lover will blow hot and cold till the first half of this month and will keep you guessing. Health needs to be taken care of this month. Follow a regular fitness regime and control your diet.

Capricorn : Your daily routine will be hectic which may cause some concern for your health. Maintain a balance. Real estate matters will come to the fore. Midway through the month, your spouse/partner will offer some good advice and support to you. You might be tempted to change your job in the next couple of months.

Aquarius : The presence of Venus in your marital house will activate that area of your life. But the coming of Saturn and retro motion of Venus will leave you pretty much confused as to what/who exactly do you want in your love life. You will remain in an argumentative and confrontational mood this month. Learn to relax.

Pisces : The shift of Saturn this month will clear the obstacles in your love/academic life this month. Take care that the presence of Mars in your zone of speech doesn't make you shoot careless arrows of words. Your luck is good now so you can consider making those bold moves in your career now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Event coming up!

A big celestial even is about to take place on the 16th of July, 2007. The mighty Saturn is returning to Leo after completing its retro stay in Cancer. This is a much awaited event and will spark off BIG changes. It will join its friend, Venus in Leo. The stock markets could see explosive moves. The world will see some big events happening with news merchants working overtime. Major shifts in personal relationships and start of new relationships can be expected on the individual level. All in all, this will be the advent of good times for those with a friendly Saturn. But those having Saturn in a bad position in their horoscopes will face hard times. Time to reap what you sowed. Cheers!