Thursday, August 13, 2009

Major Planetary shifts will affect life on Earth

If you've been feeling a bit uneasy lately & if strange events have started to take place in your neighbourhood or to your near ones, there is a reason to it. Two of the biggest planets in our solar system, Jupiter & Saturn, are about to shift signs. Saturn moves from Leo to Virgo on the 10th of Sept and Jupiter moves back into Capricorn on the 2nd of Sept, continuing with its retrograde movement.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and all round good, but when Jupiter gets debilitated (at its weakest point) in Capricorn things can get the exact opposite. Jupiter was in Capricorn for the most part of 2008 and caused severe contraction in the world stock markets & economies of most countries. The sales and profits of most businesses nose-dived. We saw some relief happening when Jupiter entered Aquarius on 1st May, 2009 and has remained there until now. So caution is advised when Jupiter goes back in Capricorn on the 2nd of Sept. Jupiter will end its retrograde cycle on the 13th of Oct and will then go direct.

Saturn changes signs every two and a half years (approx.) and on 10th Sept it moves into Virgo. Saturn is a Karmic planet and will give results to individuals according to its placement in the birth chart and your Moon Sign. The shift of Saturn into Virgo is likely to be beneficial for persons having their Moon signs as Aries, Scorpio & Cancer and to some extent also for people having their Ascendants as the three mentioned signs. But for some other signs, the move could be detrimental and for a few it could even be traumatic. People having Moon signs as Libra, Virgo & Leo will be under Saturn's Saade Saati (seven and a half years cycle). Pls note I'm talking about Moon signs here and not Sun signs.

Apart from the shift happening in the positions of Jupiter & Saturn, there is another planet which will end its retrograde cycle on the 11th of Sept, and that is the Joker in the pack, Pluto. Pluto is considered to be the Lord of the Underworld and rules the Earth's hidden wealth like precious metals, minerals etc. Pluto in Capricorn will test the skill, resilience and durability of world leaders across the globe in the political, business & corporate arena. Old structures will collapse or tug at the seams if they cannot cope with the changing conditions and needs. New leaders will emerge.

All the above hectic planetary activity will also affect the world stock markets. There could be sudden & steep moves in either direction. Perhaps a sudden, steep rise followed by an equally sudden & steep fall. Swine flu will cause some scare. There could be earthquakes in some parts of the world. So August & September are the months to watch out for in 2009......a lot could be happening during this time.