Sunday, February 11, 2007

Astro Forecast for the period 15th Feb, 2007 to 14th Mar, 2007

Pls note that the forecast is based on Moon Signs and not Sun Signs. If you don't know what your Moon sign is then you need to take a look at your birth chart (horoscope) and see in which zodiac sign is the Moon placed. That is your Moon Sign. Forecast for the period 15th Feb, 2007 to 14th Mar, 2007:

Aries - The month begins with monetary or career gains. Gains from real estate or real estate stocks is possible with Mars getting exalted in your house of career. Income will be good but you need to avoid clashes of any kind. You will have many occassions to party this month, specially with the opposite sex.

Taurus - Lady luck shines on you this month if you avoid arguments with siblings. Oppurtunities of travel will be there. Good gains for those dealing in luxury products. Matters pending with the govt. or authority figures will get moving this month. Relations with spouse/partners remain cordial.

Gemini - The month may start with you feeling a bit under the weather but you'll recover quickly. On the career front things will get better. The first week of March will be good for socialising and meeting old friends. A small trip may also come about expectedly or unexpectedly.

Cancer - Those who are married among you or have a steady partner will have a romantic few days in the beginning of the month. But there could be extremes of emotions felt as the month progresses. Health could also remain a bit iffy and some chronic ailments could resurface. A pleasure trip is possible.

Leo - Old enemies or court cases may resurface this month. But don't worry, you will win in the end if you are in the right. Spouse/partner may throw some temper tantrums, so handle with tact. There may be some blessing in disguise for you this month as some event which you thought was against you will turn out to be in your favour later.

Virgo - Get ready for some blissful moments with your spouse/lover this month as he/she will shower you with affection. Business will be good and your mind will be extra sharp this month. Children will do well in their studies and won't be a cause for concern for their parents.

Libra - If you've bought a new house recently, it's an auspicious time to move in this month. Your detractors could suddenly start talking with a sugar coated tongue, but beware as their intentions are suspect. A retrograde Saturn in your 10th house is aspecting Mars so expect some fireworks at the workplace.

Scorpio - A new romance for the single is on the cards as Venus gets exalted. Mars is also exalted in your house of courage, which will make you bold and fearless this month. A lucky break around the 19th-20th of Feb is possible. You will expand your social circle this month.

Sagittarius - An exalted Mars in your house of wealth is good for monetary gains but take care not to hurt others with your careless words. Shopping for home decoration or buying a new vehicle will be high on your agenda this month. Mother will provide comfort and words of solace in times of stress.

Capricorn - You will have a fiery personality this month and are likely to act like a dictator. People will respect you, but make sure that they do it out of love and not out of fear. Relations with siblings and employees will be cordial. Do not neglect any illness you may be suffering from, below the waist.

Aquarius - You will be easily angered this month and even small issues might seem like big irritants. Your hormones will pump overtime this month and may make you succumb to temptation. Money will not be a problem and there are chances of a windfall.

Pisces - Income is good and this will keep you in a good mood this month. Venus exalted in your sign will also make you extra romantic. Expenses will also keep pace with the income as you are in the mood to splurge. Your enemies/detractors will be powerless in front of you this month.