Monday, January 11, 2010

The Future of the World

Here are some events which are likely to take place before 2050:

1. Several countries will collapse due to systemic failures.

2. Civil wars and uprising in various parts of the globe due to various reasons: political, economic, control over natural resources like Water, Minerals etc.

3. Formation of a Unified World Government. Countries will only be administrative blocks with no territorial integrity.

4. Each individual will have a Unique Biometric Identity GPS Enabled Smart Card instead of the erstwhile Passport, Credit Cards. This could actually be a micro-chip implanted inside a body part, like the wrist for example.

5. A centralized data base of all human beings on the planet will be kept which will keep a record of all Financial & Personal details.

5. Internet enabled 3D Sunglasses cum Mobile 3D Video phones will become the rage. You could view movies/music videos on demand online.

6. Travel companies will offer Holiday Packages to the Moon, Mars, Venus etc.

7. Single World currency.

8. The air conditioners of buildings will adjust automatically every time a new person enters the premises.

9. Genetically mutated "Designer Trees & plants" will be grown.

10.Bloodless, painless, non-invasive surgery will become the norm. Cancer, Aids will be cured. But new diseases will emerge.

11.Robotic maids will be available to do your household chores like cleaning, washing etc.....and maybe something more ;)

12.Food & Water will be rationed.

13.Military forces of individual countries will be turned into a Global Police Force.

14.Self Driven cars running on solar power & electricity. Flying cars.

15. Invention of some kind of personal flying device.

16.DNA manipulation of fetus allowed to cure diseases before birth.

17.No more dependency on Oil.

18.Effective drugs for fast weight-loss/weight gain

19.Medical science will make great advances in organ regeneration.


Navin Bajaj © 2010