Monday, January 11, 2010

The Future of the World

Here are some events which are likely to take place before 2050:

1. Several countries will collapse due to systemic failures.

2. Civil wars and uprising in various parts of the globe due to various reasons: political, economic, control over natural resources like Water, Minerals etc.

3. Formation of a Unified World Government. Countries will only be administrative blocks with no territorial integrity.

4. Each individual will have a Unique Biometric Identity GPS Enabled Smart Card instead of the erstwhile Passport, Credit Cards. This could actually be a micro-chip implanted inside a body part, like the wrist for example.

5. A centralized data base of all human beings on the planet will be kept which will keep a record of all Financial & Personal details.

5. Internet enabled 3D Sunglasses cum Mobile 3D Video phones will become the rage. You could view movies/music videos on demand online.

6. Travel companies will offer Holiday Packages to the Moon, Mars, Venus etc.

7. Single World currency.

8. The air conditioners of buildings will adjust automatically every time a new person enters the premises.

9. Genetically mutated "Designer Trees & plants" will be grown.

10.Bloodless, painless, non-invasive surgery will become the norm. Cancer, Aids will be cured. But new diseases will emerge.

11.Robotic maids will be available to do your household chores like cleaning, washing etc.....and maybe something more ;)

12.Food & Water will be rationed.

13.Military forces of individual countries will be turned into a Global Police Force.

14.Self Driven cars running on solar power & electricity. Flying cars.

15. Invention of some kind of personal flying device.

16.DNA manipulation of fetus allowed to cure diseases before birth.

17.No more dependency on Oil.

18.Effective drugs for fast weight-loss/weight gain

19.Medical science will make great advances in organ regeneration.


Navin Bajaj © 2010

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Major Planetary shifts will affect life on Earth

If you've been feeling a bit uneasy lately & if strange events have started to take place in your neighbourhood or to your near ones, there is a reason to it. Two of the biggest planets in our solar system, Jupiter & Saturn, are about to shift signs. Saturn moves from Leo to Virgo on the 10th of Sept and Jupiter moves back into Capricorn on the 2nd of Sept, continuing with its retrograde movement.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and all round good, but when Jupiter gets debilitated (at its weakest point) in Capricorn things can get the exact opposite. Jupiter was in Capricorn for the most part of 2008 and caused severe contraction in the world stock markets & economies of most countries. The sales and profits of most businesses nose-dived. We saw some relief happening when Jupiter entered Aquarius on 1st May, 2009 and has remained there until now. So caution is advised when Jupiter goes back in Capricorn on the 2nd of Sept. Jupiter will end its retrograde cycle on the 13th of Oct and will then go direct.

Saturn changes signs every two and a half years (approx.) and on 10th Sept it moves into Virgo. Saturn is a Karmic planet and will give results to individuals according to its placement in the birth chart and your Moon Sign. The shift of Saturn into Virgo is likely to be beneficial for persons having their Moon signs as Aries, Scorpio & Cancer and to some extent also for people having their Ascendants as the three mentioned signs. But for some other signs, the move could be detrimental and for a few it could even be traumatic. People having Moon signs as Libra, Virgo & Leo will be under Saturn's Saade Saati (seven and a half years cycle). Pls note I'm talking about Moon signs here and not Sun signs.

Apart from the shift happening in the positions of Jupiter & Saturn, there is another planet which will end its retrograde cycle on the 11th of Sept, and that is the Joker in the pack, Pluto. Pluto is considered to be the Lord of the Underworld and rules the Earth's hidden wealth like precious metals, minerals etc. Pluto in Capricorn will test the skill, resilience and durability of world leaders across the globe in the political, business & corporate arena. Old structures will collapse or tug at the seams if they cannot cope with the changing conditions and needs. New leaders will emerge.

All the above hectic planetary activity will also affect the world stock markets. There could be sudden & steep moves in either direction. Perhaps a sudden, steep rise followed by an equally sudden & steep fall. Swine flu will cause some scare. There could be earthquakes in some parts of the world. So August & September are the months to watch out for in 2009......a lot could be happening during this time.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

When Saturn shifts, the Earth rumbles

The changing of the signs by the mighty Saturn is a big celestial event. This shift causes some major events to happen the world over. And as we have seen, there was a major earthquake measuring 6.8 on the richter scale in Japan on that day causing huge losses of lives and assets. And on Tuesday, a train carrying yellow phosphorus derailed in western Ukraine, releasing a cloud of toxic gas over 14 villages. Twenty people were hospitalised and hundreds evacuated on Tuesday. Closer home, in Pakistan, a bomb exploded in a rally which was to be addressed by the judge Iftikhar Chaudhary. Still closer, in Mumbai, a seven storied building came rumbling down yesterday trapping close to a hundred people as reported in the media. Brazil saw one of its worst aircrashes with close to 200 people dead in the ball of fire. More upheavels can be expected in the coming days. Even the stock markets are likely to see wild & explosive moves both ways.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Astro forecast for the period 15th July to 14th Aug, 2007

Note : This forecast is according to your Moon sign. You can also look up the sign in your ascendant.

Aries : Problems concerning home buying/home improvement get sorted out this month. If your mother had been sick, her health will improve. Financially, a mixed month where you'd need to be cautious with the decisions you make. You might get attracted to someone older than you romantically. Kids will be demanding.

Taurus : You are experiencing an extended period of marital bliss if you are married. The way is now clear for buying a new vehicle if you had been wanting to buy one. Success for businessmen and those deriving their income from intellectual fields. Take care in not to spend recklessly as expenses are going to be high.

Gemini : Income is good this month. You will be clear-headed this month while making important decisions. Your family and social circle will acknowledge your contribution in their life but take care not to get to haughty. Short trips are possible for either you or your siblings (specially younger ones).

Cancer : Sun moves into your sign this month adding a commanding aura to your personality. Take care not to be too authoritative with your spouse/partner. If you had been suffering from any health problems, you will now get a much needed relief. You will be quite active this month in whatever occupation you pursue.

Leo : If you had been travelling long-distances a lot during the last few months then you will come back home this month. It would be good for your overall well-being to take some rest now. Domestic peace of a high order can be experienced by you this month. Income is good as luck is favoring you now.

Virgo : Interactions with foreigners will keep you busy this month. You will spend on luxury items. Benefits from government and authority figures can be expected this month but expenses will also be high. Your younger brother will do extremely well this month. Drive carefully as minor accidents can happen if you are careless.

Libra : Money continues to flow in and you remain in a good mood. Spouse/partner will be more aggressive than usual this month, so handle them with tact. Stock Market players can make a killing this month if they are alert. Income will be good for people in other occupations too.

Scorpio : Your respect and influence is increasing day by day. Your enemies will either be annihilated or will have to go underground this month. Some major breakthrough in your career is possible now. Your luck is shining now as Sun enters your house of luck. Your social life will be scintillating. Chances of a budding romance.

Sagittarius : Chances of travel for either business or pleasure. You will remain generous and will spend for good causes. Spouse/lover will blow hot and cold till the first half of this month and will keep you guessing. Health needs to be taken care of this month. Follow a regular fitness regime and control your diet.

Capricorn : Your daily routine will be hectic which may cause some concern for your health. Maintain a balance. Real estate matters will come to the fore. Midway through the month, your spouse/partner will offer some good advice and support to you. You might be tempted to change your job in the next couple of months.

Aquarius : The presence of Venus in your marital house will activate that area of your life. But the coming of Saturn and retro motion of Venus will leave you pretty much confused as to what/who exactly do you want in your love life. You will remain in an argumentative and confrontational mood this month. Learn to relax.

Pisces : The shift of Saturn this month will clear the obstacles in your love/academic life this month. Take care that the presence of Mars in your zone of speech doesn't make you shoot careless arrows of words. Your luck is good now so you can consider making those bold moves in your career now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Event coming up!

A big celestial even is about to take place on the 16th of July, 2007. The mighty Saturn is returning to Leo after completing its retro stay in Cancer. This is a much awaited event and will spark off BIG changes. It will join its friend, Venus in Leo. The stock markets could see explosive moves. The world will see some big events happening with news merchants working overtime. Major shifts in personal relationships and start of new relationships can be expected on the individual level. All in all, this will be the advent of good times for those with a friendly Saturn. But those having Saturn in a bad position in their horoscopes will face hard times. Time to reap what you sowed. Cheers!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Astro Forecast for the period 15th April to 14th May, 2007

I'm sorry for the delay in updating this site. It's just that I haven't been inspired enough to write lately and am also a bit busy. I'll just mention here the changes taking place in the celestial skies this month. The Sun is exalted in Aries this month. Venus is exalted in Taurus till 3rd May and then shifts to Gemini. Mercury travels from Aries to Taurus and Mars enters Pisces on 7th May. An important event which takes place this month is Saturn getting direct. And Jupiter turns retro.

So what does all this mean to you? :) I'll update individual Moon Signs when and If I find the time to do so. This is a good time for the World Stock Markets........time for some action. Summer will be scorching in hot parts of the world as far as the weather goes. Interpersonal relations will turn from highly emotional to reflective. Romance blooms for those looking for it. Work that was stuck up for the last couple of months will get moving. This is the time for Justice. Those who have been errant in the recent past, will now pay.............payback time. Time to reap the fruits of your Karma. Time for new beginnings.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Astro Forecast for the period 15th March, 2007 to 14th April, 2007

Pls note that the forecast is based on Moon Signs and not Sun Signs. If you don't know what your Moon sign is then you need to take a look at your birth chart (horoscope) and see in which zodiac sign is the Moon placed. That is your Moon Sign. Forecast for the period 15th March, 2007 to 14th April, 2007:

Aries - The Sun moves into your twelfth house this month which is not a happy position. You may feel disconnected with your work or family environment. A financial squeeze is also possible but it will only be of a temporary nature. On the plus side, your spouse/lover could find your current philosophical mood quite attractive.

Taurus - This is a time to enjoy conjugal bliss for most eligible Taureans. Income is good and stable. Gain from friends and social circle is also possible. Things will move in the fast gear on the career front from April onwards as Mars is going to energize that sector. You will spend on entertainment.

Gemini - Your fortune takes a turn for the better. Trips being planned earlier will now materialize. Pending matters with govt. or other authorities will get cleared now. Income from creative ideas or creative friend circle is on the cards. In the second week of April, guard against overspending.

Cancer - An auspicious ceremony may be performed at home this month. Good time for creative artists or those dealing in luxury goods. The month will get better as it progresses and you may also enjoy mixing with people at society dos near the end of this forecast month. Don't overindulge and don't neglect your health.

Leo - The tension prevailing in your relationship with your spouse or business partner would begin to ease out this month. But you won't enjoy perfect health this month as some nagging illness may resurface. Short trips or getaways to nearby destinations are also probable. A mixed month for you.

Virgo - The excesses/over-indulgence of the last month will take its toll on you, specially if you're not so young any more. Matters relating to debts may come to the fore this month. You won't be able to understand the quick changing moods of your spouse/partner this month. It's better not to upset them this month.

Libra - You might be disturbed with the fact that your projects get stuck mid-way these days. But you will get comfort from your spouse/lover in these trying times. Communications with associates in foreign countries is possible. Some long cherished wish regarding your child/children may come true now.

Scorpio - The benign presence of Jupiter in your sign is warding off all evils. Presence of Saturn in your house of travel will make you communicate with far off friends or entertain visitors at your place. Those of you having a benefic Venus in your birth charts may get some life-altering opportunities this month.

Sagittarius - You will spend on auspicious ceremonies. Good time to sort out matters relating to property and home-renovation this month. Kids will be a source of joy this month. Unexpected gains also possible. Tread your path boldly this month and the initiatives taken by you will bear fruit.

Capricorn - Mars moves out of your sign around the end of March which will bring a much needed relief in the confrontations/trials faced by you last month. You will feel more relaxed and will be able to concentrate on your projects better now. You may also spend on the needs of your children or for home improvement.

Aquarius - You will work with renewed energy towards your goal this month. Family members will support you if you are tactful with them. If you have been planning to buy a new vehicle for sometime then now is the time to buy it. Be extra careful this month while driving and don't take any risks which could put you in physical danger.

Pisces - Presence of the Sun in your sign this month will give you a commanding personality and you will be respected all around. Money situation would improve this month. But children may nag you with their demands. You might hear some very good news from/regarding your or your spouse's younger brother/sister.